Middle School Curriculum

Our Middle School offers a comprehensive core curriculum that incorporates a unique Mini-Course program designed to broaden your daughter’s horizons.

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At Fahan we believe in a strong supportive network, a curriculum that encourages students to be excited and passionate about learning, and an emphasis on providing students with good moral and ethical behaviour and awareness.

The Fahan Middle School curriculum is based on the theory of educationalist, Howard Gardner, who said that there are many types of intelligences. Working on this principle, teachers aim to ensure that Middle School students have the opportunity to learn in ways that best suit them.

Intelligences include:

•            verbal-linguistic: word intelligence
•            logical-mathematical: number and reasoning intelligence
•            visual-spatial: diagrammatic intelligence
•            musical-rhythmic: music and rhythm intelligence
•            bodily-kinaesthetic: body intelligence
•            interpersonal: social intelligence
•            intrapersonal: self intelligence
•            naturalist: natural environment intelligence
•            spiritual and existential: philosophical intelligence

Teaching based on this theory means that the core curriculum is more meaningful for Middle School students. Girls in this age group often learn best when they are engaged with the subject matter in ways that suit them. We aim to provide dynamic discussions and interactive lessons that relate to issues and subject matter that middle school-aged girls are concerned about while continuing to focus on developing sound literacy and numeracy skills.

The Mini-Course program offers a choice of two six-week specialist Mini-Courses in the categories of Academic, Life Skills, Recreational and Fine Arts. These courses broaden and expand upon the curriculum and are taught either by a Fahan School teacher or by a qualified member from the community who has extensive expertise in a particular area.

As Year 6 is the bridge between Primary and Secondary education, the Mini-Course program is also offered to these students so that girls in Year 6, 7 and 8 have the opportunity to work collaboratively with peers who share similar interests and Year 6 students can enjoy a smooth transition to Secondary education. Not only do these courses keep learning exciting and fresh, but they also allow students a glimpse of their time in Senior School.

Middle School Subject Disciplines

Languages Other Than English (LOTE French and Japanese)
Studies of Society and the Environment (SOSE incorporating History and Geography)
Information Technology
Health and Physical Education

Students are also encouraged to take part in extracurricular activities so they may broaden their school experience. These include:

Debating and Public Speaking
The Readers’ Cup
Community Service
Writing Competitions
Maths and Science Competitions
Fahan Choir and Vocal Group
Middle School Concert Band

In the Fahan Middle School, we aim to prepare your daughter not only for her life as a Senior School student, but also for her life as a responsible adult in a challenging world.

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