A Weekend Long 75th Anniversary Celebration For The FSAA

03 December 2010

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While the Fahan School Alumni Association held many outstanding events throughout the year, including the Boarding House reunion and sporting 'grudge matches' against current students, the highlight of their events calendar was the spectacular 75th Anniversary Alumni Lunch.

With a ‘Return to School’ theme, the aim of the lunch was to reunite Fahan Alumni and prominent members of the Fahan School Community, from all walks of life, of all different ages, from all around the world.

President of the Fahan School Alumni Association, Kathryn Thomas, said that the weekend was designed to celebrate the success of the School that was opened by two ambitious and innovative women 75 years ago.

“The activities that we planned for the event, such as a ‘Return to School’ lunchbox theme, a fashion parade of the Fahan uniform through the ages, interviews with former staff and students conducted by Anna McMahon, a cutting of the cake ceremony and performances of the School Song, were designed to reunite all areas of the Fahan Community and encourage them to come together to reminisce about their time with the School,” Kathryn said.

“Some of these men and women have not stepped foot in Tasmania for decades, let alone on the grounds of their Alma Mater, so this is a wonderful opportunity for them to see the developments that have taken place since they were a student and to share their memories and stories of the impact Fahan has had on their lives.”

The weather was especially kind for the occasion and everyone enjoyed their gourmet 'lunch boxes' with many congregating in friendship groups in the school gardens, just like they used when they were a student at the School. 

The performance of the School Song was an emotional experience for many people there as they cast their minds over fond memories made within the walls of Fahan.

The planning and effort that the FSAA put into to the lunch was truly outstanding and guests from the day are still writing letters of gratitude to the hardworking team. They have certainly set a high standard for those planning the 80th Anniversary celebrations!


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