Current Students Pip Alumni At The Post

03 December 2010

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Alumni, Sport

On Friday 1 October members of the Fahan Alumni and their cheer squads arrived at the School dressed in their war colours of yellow, green and brown ready to do battle with current students, warriors of the blue, orange and white, on the hockey field and netball court. 

The members of the Alumni team pulled out all the stops to try and ensure wins on the day. They even had Corm' (Margaret Cormack - legendary PE teacher) on the sidelines of the hockey field encouraging the Alumni to "life their game." However, the current students proved to a force to be reckoned with, winning both the matches by one point. 

For the spectators on the sidelines it was an entertaining hour watching the relatively evenly-matched Alumni and students do battle. The high-energy and fun that ensued will ensure this will become an annual event, coinciding with the reunions. So if you know your reunion is coming up in 2011 then make sure you sign up to defend your honour and take back the win and bragging rights from the current students. 


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