Tossed Out!

14 December 2010

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All of our 2010 Year 12 leavers left School in the Fahan tradition on Tuesday 14 December when they were 'tossed out' by the Year 11 girls following the Final Assembly. Their parents and friends watched the ceremony and joined the girls and staff for morning tea in Nateby.

The Tossing Out ceremony is a time-honoured Fahan tradition where the exiting girls are lovingly tossed on a sea of arms to mark their passing from a Fahan student to a member of the Fahan alumni. 

This year's group of leavers will be fondly remembered at the School for their kindness and willingness to have a go and take on any challenge, from their TCE to fundraising. 

Their gift to Fahan, of a beautiful ceramic pot decorated with Fahan girls, will be a permanent reminder of their contribution to the fabric of School life during Fahan's momentous 75th Anniversary year and we wish them all the best in their future endeavours. 

The girls also invited retiring teacher Graham Broomhall, who has taught many, if not all of the current Year 12s, to join in the ceremony.

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