Epitome of Elegance

15 December 2010

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The Year 12 Leavers of 2010 had their spectacular Leavers' Dinner on Wednesday 15 December at the Hobart Function Centre at the Elizabeth Street Pier. The sun came out in time for their arrival and every single girl looked outstanding.

The elegant dresses and glamorous hair (and partners and parents!) highlighted the progression of these once Fahan 'girls' to the incredible young women they are today. 

The Formal Committee did an outstanding job of decorating the Hobart Function Centre in pastel shades of pink, green, blue and purple and there were even disposable cameras on each table to ensure that everyone present captured every moment. 

Highlights of the evening were the Father Daughter dance and the thronging paparazzi as each arrival walked along the Elizabeth Street Pier. 

The gowns were exquisite and elegant with some sensational homemade dresses amongst them. However, there was no one gown that stood out as being the best, as each and every one of them was stunning. 

Congratulations to each of these girls for finishing their pre-tertiary education and for celebrating their graduation with their usual poise, elegance and sense of fun. We hope they will remain in touch with the School and let us know how their futures progress. 


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