Alumnae, Rachel Moore, is Willing and Able to Help Students

25 January 2011

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Class of 1988 Alumnae, Rachel Moore’s, extensive career experience has led her to her current role as the Learning and Development Advisor at The Federal Group, where she became involved in the Willing and Able Mentoring Program (WAM) last year.

Since leaving Fahan Rachel has had a diverse career, from working in Sheraton hotels in Queensland, to working as a Team Leader and then a Training Officer with Ansett Australia, as a Recruitment Officer and now as the Learning and Development Advisor for The Federal Group where she selflessly volunteered to take part in WAM.

Rachel says that one of the greatest lessons she took from her time as a Fahan student is one that she could apply to her WAM mentoring role, which is that women, and indeed anyone, who is prepared to go out into the world and work hard could achieve whatever they wanted and succeed in any area they wished.

WAM is a collaborative initiative of Deakin University, The Australian Employers Network on Disability and other tertiary institutions such as UTAS, which aims to match students with disabilities with mentors from the public sector, private industry and community sector based on their interest in a particular field.

WAM recognises the disadvantages faced by people with disabilities and aims to equip them with the skills and experience that they need to develop their careers in line with their academic training, providing a program of six to eight meetings that focus on career development.

Throughout 2010, eleven UTAS students with a disability were matched with mentors who would be able to provide them with key experience and insights into diverse industries.

Rachel was partnered with third-year Bachelor of Tourism student Claire Cenin.

Rachel said goals for Claire were to have her clarify her career objectives and direction.

“I showed [Claire] how to develop a professional network and how to market herself to potential employers,” Rachel said.

“Another aim was to increase her confidence and communications skills. Claire has since successfully marketed herself to a potential employer and has now started work experience with them.

“We started [Claire’s program] by helping her to become familiar with parts of The Federal Group by undertaking a tour of Wrest Point and another of our properties, The Henry Jones Art Hotel, so that Claire could think about her future tourism customers … We looked over her resume and gave her some tips on how to tailor it to meet future employers’ expectations.

“As Claire would like to work as a Travel Agent, I organised work experience in [The Federal Group’s] contact centre … I then sent her a job advertisement and had her apply for the role … We discussed the different communication methods that would give her the best chance to be able to meet with a potential employer.”

National Disability Coordination Officer in the UTAS Support and Equity Unit, Debbie Hindle, approached the Federal Group to participate in the program.

“I was [personally] motivated to become involved with the program as I have previously volunteered as a tutor, working in my own time with adults who have mental and learning disabilities and found working with these people extremely inspiring.

“I found the [WAM] experience quite humbling and it has definitely broadened my insights and perspectives.

“I loved working with my mentee, Claire. We are still in touch and shall continue to be. I look forward to working with another student this year.”

Rachel said she would like to encourage all employers in the community to consider taking part in the WAM program. For anyone who has a disability and perhaps limited experience in the workforce, having a mentor can be invaluable to their career development.

In addition to her role of Learning and Development Advisor, Rachel is also a mum to her new daughter Bailey.

You can read more about the WAM program by clicking here.


Images: Rachel with daughter Bailey and mentee Claire at the WAM morning tea in December 2010 and Rachel and Claire receiving their certificates of participation with other members of the WAM program at the December morning tea.

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