Making History Fun at Fahan

09 November 2011

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Premier Lara Giddings presented students from across the State with the National History Awards at the National History Challenge held in Hobart last week.

Fahan School Year 8 students were among those shortlisted for the State Awards.  

Kate Johnson and Sarah Grace were shortlisted for the Environmental Award and said that taking part in the National History Challenge was a great learning experience

“Our piece involved researching The Franklin Dam Dispute and we were privileged enough to meet and interview people who were actually involved and present at this historical event in Tasmania’s history.” said Sarah.

“We learnt a great deal from the whole experience and it was amazing to see how much fun history can be!” said Kate.

Eloise Large was shortlisted for the Immigrant Experience Award and Isobel Dunbabin and Sasha Roubicek were shortlisted for the Making History Fun Award.

The National History Challenge is a research-based competition for students. It is an exciting contest that encourages students to use research and inquiry based learning to discover more about Australia and its past. Students are the historians, they can investigate their community, explore their own heritage and research major events that have shaped Australia.

Well done to all the students from Year 8 who participated in the National History Challenge!

You can find out more on the National History Challenge by visiting their website

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