Pride of Fahan Alumni Award Winners 2012

17 May 2012

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On Monday 14 May, the Fahan School Alumni Association President, Ms Kathryn Thomas, presented the inaugural Pride of Fahan Alumni Awards at a Senior School assembly. The Award is open to current Fahan students in Years 7-12 and will be offered twice a year, with a grant of up to $500 for each recipient.

“The Award encourages Fahan students to pursue their dreams,” said Ms Thomas, who hoped the girls would bring knowledge back to the School and provide value to the community.

“We received nine applications for the inaugural Award,” said Ms Thomas who was impressed with the thought and consideration each of the girls had put into her application.

A panel of Fahan School Alumni Association members deliberated over the applications with the help of Mr Williamson, eventually deciding on two winners.

Freja Heather from Year 10 intends to use her Award to fund a cultural trip to Japan.

“I am eager to broaden my knowledge of Japanese culture, society and language,” said Freja who aspires to a career in linguistics.

Freja believes that travelling to a country that has a very different way of living and culture is something everyone should experience.

“I want to inspire other students at Fahan to accept any opportunities to travel to expand their knowledge on a different culture and way of living. To do so is to understand someone else’s personal identity and values,” said Freja who will attend Yanagawa High School during her stay.

Year 12 student, Nikki Goddard, plans to use her Award to take a gap year, where she hopes to volunteer three to six months in either an orphanage or kindergarten in a third world country.

“Last year I discovered a passion for volunteering and helping disadvantaged people,” said Nikki, who volunteers for Amnesty International, The Footpath Library and is a Youth Ambassador for the Australian Red Cross Blood Service.

“Helping people is my passion and I would like to challenge myself by going alone to a third world country. I feel I can change the lives of others whilst also changing my own life for the better.”

Nikki believes the principles and values taught at Fahan helped shape the person she is today and taught her to appreciate all she has in her life.

We look forward to hearing of the girls’ travels when they return and hope it encourages all our students to dream big when the next Pride of Alumni Awards are announced. 

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