22 July 2013



We had an amazing week in Oxford. The Oxford Experience, in which we participated, entailed our living as students in Christ Church College and attending a course for five days with a tutor from Oxford. I was extremely lucky to have as my tutor, Dr Julia Cresswell, who guided our group through "The History of the English Language". Julia was educated at Oxford and has worked for the University, as well as the Oxford Educational Dictionary, and has published a number of books related to the development of the language. Perhaps her most well-known publication is "The Cat's Pyjamas: The Penguin Book of Cliches". It was a great experience to live and work in the College founded by Cardinal Wolsey in 1524 and at which 13 British Prime Ministers have lived and studied. Another famous resident was Charles Dodgson, better known as Lewis Carroll, the author of "Alice in Wonderland". The character, Alice, was based on Alice Liddell whose father was Dean of Christ Church in Dodgson's time. Much of Dodgson's inspiration was drawn from locations around the College.

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