Years 7/8 Create: The Arts in Action

20 June 2014

On Thursday 12 June, Years 7 and 8 invited family and friends to an evening showcasing their work in Music, Art and Drama. The evening was designed to showcase the creative pursuits of Fahan girls in the performing and visual arts.

Family and friends first listened to a concert in the Music School. Performances included flute and saxophone groups, vocal ensembles, solo performances and Year 7 bands.

From there it was over to the Art Room to view Tapa cloths, developed by  Year 7 students,  and ‘Fantastic Hat’ collagraphs, created by the Year 8 girls, which were in varying stages of completion. This was a great opportunity for parents to hear about the technical processes involved in the creation of final work. Family and friends enjoyed eating delicious food and experiencing the creative atmosphere of the Art room.

“I enjoyed presenting my Art Journal, especially my sketch of an eye, to my family and friends,” said Renee Di Benedetto, Year 8.

The final part of the evening was a drama interpretation of ‘All things Australian’,  incorporating movement, dialogue and music from the girls.

“I enjoyed 7/8 Create because it was good to see what all of the other classes had put together and how they interpreted the theme of the night and, also, how all the parents were laughing and enjoying themselves. Overall it was a lot of fun,  with many laughs with friends and family,” said Breeana Maynard, Year 8.

This was a wonderful opportunity for parents and friends to view the artistic talent of the Middle School.

Congratulations to everyone involved in putting on a wonderful night celebrating the arts in action.

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