Class of 2014 are Tossed Out

09 December 2014

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All of our 2014 Year 12 leavers were farewelled today in the Fahan tradition of being 'tossed out' by the Year 11 girls following their Final Assembly. Fellow students, staff, parents and friends watched on and cheered as the Year 12s took part in the special ceremony that symbolises their time at Fahan officially coming to an end. 

The Tossing Out ceremony is a time-honoured tradition at Fahan where the Year 12 girls are lovingly tossed along a sea of arms to mark their passing from a Fahan student to a Fahan Alumni member. 

The 2014 leavers will be fondly remembered for their smiling faces, dedication, willingness and drive to achieve great results. From application to their TCE through to their wonderful fundraising efforts, these girls have certainly made their mark. 

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