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04 December 2015

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On Sunday 29 November, the Tasmanian Science Talent Search 2015 Presentation Ceremony was held at University of Tasmania, Newham Campus.

These awards are presented to Tasmanian students who excel in the field of Science.

Year 11 student, Ella Clark, was awarded the Forest Education Foundation Award.

This award is provided to a student for the best research investigations relating to forestry.

Ella’s project titled, Human Impact on Biotic and Abiotic Factors in a Coastal Dry Sclerophyll Environment,formed part of her studies in Environmental Science at Fahan School.

“The aim of my project was to compare the effects of clearing and human impact on biotic and abiotic factors on two properties within the same environment,” explained Ella.

Ella was honoured to receive the award and felt the project was a wonderful opportunity to learn and discover outside the classroom.

“I enjoyed getting out in the field and exploring two different properties – one of which was cleared and the other which had lots of large trees and vegetation on it.”

“It was exciting to collect real data and discover the various species of plant and animal life that exist in each location,” said Ella.

Environmental Science, offered at Fahan School, encourages students to recognise and address different points of view on environmental issues, whilst, at the same time, to pursue a more scientific approach towards understanding the environment.

Ella believes projects like this can provide students with a better understanding of key elements of Environmental Science.

“This project allowed me to develop a deeper understanding of environmental sustainability, its application in a real world setting and its implications for us and the environment,” said Ella.

Head of Science, Aimee Woodward, is happy that Fahan is able to provide many opportunities like this in the field of Science.

“We aim to strengthen students’ ability to problem solve and learn outside the classroom. These skills are developed from a young age and encouraged through every year of a student’s time at Fahan,” said Aimee.

Ella was also awarded a Merit in Senior Research Investigations and looks forward to continuing her studies in Science.

Congratulations Ella.


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