Big and little sisters hunt for the Easter Bunny!

09 June 2017

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On Monday 10 April, Fahan girls from the Early Learning Centre through to the Senior School participated in another successful Big Sister, Little Sister event to celebrate Easter.

The girls met in the Gym and moved into their ‘families’,where the senior girls assisted the junior girls with Easter-themed activities before leading them on an Easter hunt.

Junior School Chair, Isabella Pearce, worked closely with Fahan School teacher Mrs Jane Macrossan to organise the event, and said,” The Big Sister, Little Sister Easter Eventwas a great success! It was fantastic to see both the younger and older girls further developing their close relationships. Together with their families, the girls completed Easter activities such as an Easter Basket and then followed the Easter Bunny’s footprints which led to the new Junior School Green. There, the girls found Easter Bunny and Buddy Bear who delivered many Easter eggs and of course lots of hugs! I loved watching the faces of the younger girls light up at the sight of the Easter Bunny alongside their older sisters.”

Principal, Tony Freeman, said, “Big Sister, Little Sisterevents are important in fostering our supportive culture. It is always enjoyable to see the natural interactions that develop between the younger and older girls at events such as these. It offers the senior girls a wonderful opportunity to show leadership in ensuring the younger girls feel included in the School Community.”

Big Sister, Little Sisterevents take place every Term and aim to foster lasting relationships amongst the girls.

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