Year 2 Perform The Aristocats

08 September 2017

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On Thursday 7 September and Friday 8 September, Fahan Year 2 girls staged three delightful performances of Disney’s The Aristocats.Over the three shows, the Year 2 girls performed with great enthusiasm and were supported on stage by the Prep and Year 1 girls, while the Years 3 and 4 girls sang in the Choir.

The matinee performances were attended by visiting schools including Sandy Bay Infant School, The Hutchins School and Princes Street Primary, who all thoroughly enjoyed the charming characters and engaging plot.

Kathryn Lumsden-Steel, Year 2 Teacher, said, “It has been a wonderful experience for all of the girls to be involved in The Aristocats. They have worked so hard and it has been lovely to see their excitement and sense of pride build as they perform on stage.”

The Music Program at Fahan encourages girls to express themselves in varied and original ways. The Early Learning Musical is a wonderful opportunity for the Junior School girls to gain a taste for the performing arts and work together to ensure a successful production.

The following are some thoughts from our Year 2 girls:

“It was great how the musical all fitted together. It was exciting being on stage when the lights went out. I really wanted to open the curtain and see all the new faces,” said Opal Bhandari, who played Duchess.

“I liked being with my friends on stage and wearing the costumes and face paint,” said Aliera Woodford, who played Berlioz.

 “I really love being in the musical. In my old school, only the bigger kids could do plays, but here, the younger kids have the chance too!” said Hermione House, who played Amelia Gabble.

 “I really liked performing in front of the audience and learning my lines. It was so much fun!” said Carly Weston, who played Thomas O’Malley.

“I loved learning my lines and spending time with my friends doing The Aristocats!” said Georgia Grant, who played Edgar.

Year 2 girls and all the teachers are to be congratulated for their wonderful efforts in staging another successful Early Learning Musical.

The Year 2 Cast:

Meral Asad
Opal Bhandari
Sophie Bradfield
Charlotte Fuglsang
Georgia Grant
Charlotte Greenaway
Bridget Hesford
Hermione House
Sasha Keogh
Verity Leonard
Ava Mignanelli
Chloe Puckridge
Rachel Stanelos
Imogen Stewart
Lilie Von Savageri
Carly Weston
Charlotte Wilson
Aliera Woodford


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