Peter Pan Production a Celebration of Creativity in Fahan's Junior School

05 July 2018

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This week Fahan School students in Years 3-6 have brought some very special magic to the stage in a musical theatre production of Peter Pan. The production, a version specifically adapted for young performers, gave students in Years 3–6 the chance to collaborate in bringing J.M. Barrie’s classic adventure to life.  Students in Years 3 and 4 made up the choir with Year 6 girls in lead roles, and Year 5 girls in supporting roles and song and dance ensembles.

Productions give students the chance to hone their skills and take on increasing levels of responsibility in the annual performances as they progress through the Junior School. The success achieved through this approach was demonstrated by a polished and entertaining performance of Peter Pan, enjoyed by both participants and audience members alike. “Getting our costumes and microphones was great,” said Year 6 student Poppy Kennett, who played Wendy, “I especially enjoyed learning all the songs and dances and working with a professional choreographer.”

“I liked working with the younger girls and teaching them things,” added Year 6 student Jewel Hurst, who played Mrs Darling.

The Junior School girls were supported by a back-stage team of senior students. Year 10 student Chloe Abel has been able to develop the music production skills learnt as part of her course work: “I put the microphones on the girls and worked in the tech box - having professionals guiding me as I gained technical experience was really valuable.”

Arts Co-ordinator, Mrs Ann Tremayne said, “this goes way beyond the singing and dancing – the students work as a team and build confidence – it’s all about the journey.”

“The Music and Drama Program at Fahan encourages Junior School students to express themselves in varied and original ways and is a wonderful opportunity for girls to gain a taste for the performing arts and the joy it brings,” said Head of Junior School, Amanda Evans.

Congratulations to all staff and students involved in the outstanding performances of Peter Pan.


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