Nateby Club AGM and Morning Tea

07 August 2019

On Wednesday 7 August, the Nateby Club held their Annual General Meeting. This was followed by a delicious morning tea in the Nateby Dining Room.

The morning meeting saw a strong attendance from members of the Nateby Club. Outbound President, Charlotte Sainsbury (Class of 1964), welcomed Robbie Poynter (Class of 1964) as the new President of the Nateby Club. Rosie Rowell (Class of 1963) was appointed in the role of Secretary.

The ladies enjoyed a pleasant arrival at Fahan with the morning offering warm spring weather and fresh blooms in the gardens. The event was the first opportunity for Principal, Mrs Penny Curran-Peters, to meet and address the group during morning tea. “I have been looking forward to meeting members of the Nateby Club since my appointment as Principal. Not only are these women remarkable, they hold a rich history with Fahan. It was a delight to listen to stories of their time at the School.”

Many attending the morning tea commented how much they enjoyed being back in the Nateby Dining Room. The space rekindled many fond memories and was the perfect setting to reminisce about their time at Fahan.

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