A Message From Our Year 12 Leaders

09 April 2020

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Dear Fahan Community,

During the last few weeks, we have been reflecting upon the Year 12 Mission Statement made earlier this year. We focused on unity, positive energy and the representation of our founders – Ms Isabel Travers and Ms Audrey Morphett.

"We will inspire our fellow Fahan girls and unite them with integrity, honesty and positive energy to create an uplifting and inclusive environment. We will embrace the values of our founders by living the true spirit of Fahan, where girls are proud of who they are and know they are celebrated for their individuality.”

Year 12, 2020 Mission Statement

This statement, built at the start of the year, encompasses the values and beliefs of the Year 12 cohort. The statement was developed as a way for the Year 12’s to inspire all Fahan girls, and the entire Fahan Community, to be the best we can be.

This last week of online learning has given us time to reflect on the everyday things we take for granted at school, such as the inclusive school environment, our friends, teachers and the broader Fahan Community. However, we can embrace this adversity and turn it into a way for us to practice gratitude for the amazing school we attend.

Collectively, we have spoken about three things we believe are essential to maintaining a life as normal as possible, especially heading into the school holidays and have this message for you all:

  1. Breathe fresh air: get some exercise with other people in your family or take some time out and go for a walk to clear your head.
  2. Be creative and innovative in your approach to life: find fun ways to engage with your lessons and make sure to let us know about the new hobbies you’re trying out.
  3. Find new ways to connect: immerse yourself in family life and use social media to connect positively with your friends.

We are so proud of you all and how you are tackling online learning, keep persevering! We would like to acknowledge the outstanding efforts of our teachers in adapting to the new online system which allows us to continue learning at the highest possible level.

We would like everyone to channel their inner Fahan girl, even though we can’t be together in person. Make sure you spread positive energy within your family and online. We are talking about ways to involve Fahan girls in online wellbeing activities and we are looking forward to letting you know more in Term Two.

Please remember that if you have any concerns, or would just like a chat, we are here for you.

Have a wonderful Easter. Stay home, stay positive, stay safe and check up on the people around you.

Sasha, Elsie & Asha
Year 12 Leaders

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