Winners of the Year 12 Fundraising Raffle

29 October 2020

Thank you to everyone who purchased tickets to the Year 12 Raffle. We have been overwhelmed with your support of our charity this year and are proud to have been supporting the Freya Fund, a charity which is very close to our hearts as well as the School Community. We are excited to announce the winners of the prizes are:
1st PRIZE WINNER – Homewares Package
A Mazengarb
Ticket Number: #1601
2nd PRIZE WINNER - Tasmanian Glamping Package
L Kingston
Ticket Number: #1757
3rd PRIZE WINNER - Hobart Cup Package
R Giec
Ticket Number: #603
4th PRIZE WINNER - Tasmanian Adventures Package
M Bird
Ticket Number: #1591
5th PRIZE WINNER - Tasmanian Farm Experience
J Karacic
Ticket Number: #1564
6th PRIZE WINNER - Art Lovers Experience
G Higgins
Ticket Number: #1571
7th PRIZE WINNER - Spa and Dine Package
I Higgins
Ticket Number: #190
8th PRIZE WINNER - Fabulous Fashion Package
K Latham
Ticket Number: #105
9th PRIZE WINNER - Local Luxuries
A Keogh
Ticket Number: #1612
10th PRIZE WINNER - High Tea Indulgence
I Farid
Ticket Number: #423
11th PRIZE WINNER - Hill Street Wine Package
M O'Brien
Ticket Number: #780
12th PRIZE WINNER - Blue Eye Dining Package
S Hodgman
Ticket Number: #77
13th PRIZE WINNER - Cooking Classes
K Bradfield
Ticket Number: #1274
14th PRIZE WINNER - Federal Group Dining Package
T & D Reid
Ticket Number: #921
15th PRIZE WINNER - Family Experience Package
V Von Savageri
Ticket Number: #654
Congratulations to all the winners. To collect your prize, please come to the Fahan School office during business hours.

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