Outstanding Academic Results Achieved by Year 12

18 December 2020

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After what must have felt like an interminable wait for our Year 11 and 12 students, the 2020 TCE results have been released, and we are so very proud of and humbled by these girls, and their efforts in 2020.

The students in the Class of 2020 have shown themselves to be true Fahan girls – courageous, caring and considerate. Even in the most difficult days of their final year, they have involved themselves deeply in every aspect of School life and have left our School all the better for them having been a part of it. The legacy they leave will linger long in the annals of our history, and their values of learning, spirit and community will always be a part of Fahan School in every classroom, on the ovals, under the willows and in the gardens. There is no better example of this than the logos Year 12, 2020 have left us for Freycinet, Franklin and Fenton.

98% of our Year 12 cohort achieved an ATAR score, and all girls in Year 12 worked exceptionally hard in 2020. These are excellent results for the girls, and are testament to their outstanding work ethic in this most challenging of years, and the unstinting care, guidance and support of their parents and teachers. I know that the girls will thank their parents today, and I thank all Fahan staff sincerely for their work with the students over 2020, and all the years that have led to today.

Fahan’s median ATAR, a key indicator of the girls’ overall performance in 2020 was 93.05 meaning that 50% of our students earned rankings that placed them in the top 7% of students nationally. Our students ranked in the top 100 students of Tasmania are Madeleine Lane – 99.40, Jasmine Campbell-Jones – 99.25, Wan Yi Steilberg Liu – 99.00, Isabel Baddiley – 98.90 and Kathryn Sypkes – 98.45. Congratulations girls!

Overall, 36% of our girls obtained ATARS over 95.00, placing them in the top 5% of students nationally, and 68% achieved and ATAR of 90+, placing them in the top 10% of students nationally. Absolutely stunning results!

We are also delighted for our Year 11 students, 3 of whom have qualified for a Pocket of Excellence. To earn this award, each girl must average 19 or above in her top two subjects and have a total of more than 70 in four subjects.

Finally, at the end of this very busy year, I wish all in the Fahan Community a very happy Christmas and a wonderful summer break – and roll on 2021!

Yours sincerely,

Penny Curran-Peters

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