Fahan School Strategic Plan 2021-2025

28 January 2021

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alumni, parents

We are delighted to share our new Strategic Plan and refreshed Vision, Mission and Values. This Plan is the result of a collaborative effort of all members of the Fahan Community and provides a way forward, articulating the key strategies which will ensure the ongoing success of our School and our mission to create a community in which all people flourish. 

Our continued focus is on developing a deep love of learning and the development of right principles that empower each Fahan girl to step confidently into her future. View the launch video here:  https://youtu.be/AvC50QPHfYs

For over 80 years, Fahan School has educated girls and young women in an extraordinary home where they are given every opportunity to flourish. They are cared for and taught in a positive and dynamic environment which cherishes learning, spirit and community. Fahan draws on a rich past to navigate the present and the future, and this plan outlines the immediate and longer-term strategies and actions that we will take to enlighten, inspire and ignite young minds and hearts as we move towards Fahan’s 90th year in 2025. 

This Strategic Plan is intended to be a living document, providing a continuing benchmark for staff, yet flexible enough to change as our School evolves. As we begin implementation of this vision for our School’s future, we welcome your ongoing involvement and input and invite you to join us on this journey. 

The Plan projects initiatives for the School and articulates our deep and ongoing commitment to the education of girls from Kindergarten to Year 12.

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