Nihongo Japanese Roadshow

25 March 2021

On Thursday 25 March, Fahan students in Years 5, 7, 8 and Year 9 and 11 Japanese classes participated in a fun event called the ‘Nihongo Roadshow’. 

The event, collaboratively hosted by the Japan Foundation Sydney and Japanese Teacher’s Network of Tasmania (JATNET), provided our students an opportunity to experience fun language and cultural activities.

Students were involved in either Undoukai - a Japanese Sports Day workshop, Yosakoi a traditional dance workshop or Furoshiki – the traditional art of wrapping presents with patterned fabric.

The workshops were held in the Gym and the Music Centre with Japan Foundation Language consultants and via Zoom from Sydney.

We also played host to other school members of JATNET, welcoming students from Sacred Heart College, Illawarra Primary School, The Friends’ School and Mount Carmel College.

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