National Simultaneous Story time

19 May 2021

On 19 May our girls joined with schools across Australia to participate in the annual literacy event, National Simultaneous Storytime. Deputy Principal, Mr (Captain) Machin, dressed in theme, to read “Give Me Some Space!”, written by Australian-based author, Philip Bunting.

In preparation for Storytime, the girls from Kinder to Year 2 read other wonderful titles written and illustrated by Philip Bunting. “Philip's work deliberately encourages playful interaction between the reader and child, allowing his books to create a platform for genuine intergenerational engagement and fun. He believes that the more fun the child has during their early reading experiences, the more likely they will be to return to books, improve their emergent literacy skills, and later find joy in reading and learning,” explained Mrs Meg Denman.

In Vertical Groups, girls designed and constructed their own spaceships out of loose parts. During Library, they explored what it would be like to work as an astronaut. They completed simple jigsaw puzzles while wearing gardening gloves, tried to memorise random numbers, and recall them in reverse, and worked with a friend to test their visual recall.

This storytelling event proved a wonderful opportunity to host a Big Sister, Little Sister activity and during lunchtime, our Kinder to Year 12 girls came together in their family groups and enjoyed activities, sharing stories and connecting together.

Well done to Junior School Chair, Hannah Steele, for her role in bringing this event together.

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