Book Week 2021

27 August 2021

Old Worlds, New Worlds, Other Worlds

On Friday 27 August, students from Pre-Kinder to Year 6 celebrated Book Week with great enthusiasm. CBCA Book Week is Australia’s longest-running children’s festival, celebrating its 75th year in 2021. In Library this term, Junior School students have spent time reading and studying books nominated for this year’s Children’s Book Council Award. Students talked about their thinking and how they felt after reading the stories. Students also made connections through discussion, writing and art.

We celebrate Book Week because books are a big part in people’s lives. Chloe (Year 6)

It’s a special week to celebrate books.  Min (Year 1)

The book, Cicada by Shaun Tan, makes me feel like I am not alone. There are other people that are like you. Like, you’re the same.  Keira (Year 5)

Discussing ‘truths’ in stories, Maya (Year 5) observed: “You can’t just go and ask someone, and take that as the truth.  You actually have to ask some more people to find out the actual true story!”

I am so excited, Book Week is my favourite week of the year! Well actually Christmas and my birthday are my favourite weeks, but Book Week is a very close third!  Molly (Year 6)

This year’s extraordinary cake was once again made by Marvellous Creations. We would like to thank parents and all Junior School staff for their support of this fabulous event. Researcher, Margaret Merga, in Reading Engagement For Tweens and Teens, writes: “There is something about listening to a well-read book that can have a transformative effect and transport the listener into a different world.”

We hope you can share a book or story with your children and enjoy travelling to old, new or other worlds, along with them.

Mrs Meg Denman
Junior School Librarian

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