Years 9 and 10 Camps

20 August 2021

With the uncertainty surrounding interstate travel in 2021, it was decided that students in Years 9 and 10 would all participate in Tasmanian-based activities. Students had the choice of four different experiences: The Overland Track, Three Capes Walk, Corinna, and Mount Cameron/Ben Lomond. The Three Capes Track was a popular choice and we ended up sending two groups, one group to Corinna and one group to Mount Cameron/Ben Lomond.

The Outdoor Education Program is aligned to the Values of Spirit and Learning and focuses on Strategic Plan pillar of Our Girls – Learning and Wellbeing. The program supports the Positive Education Program by providing holistic experiences carefully constructed to improve positive emotions, engagement, relationships, meaning, accomplishment and health.  

Each trip provided an opportunity for students to participate in activities that helped build confidence, regulate emotions, problem-solve, enhance relationships with peers and build trust and connection, provide a connection to nature, and improve self-efficacy.

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