Junior School Light Up Vanuatu

15 November 2021

During the beginning of November our Junior School girls got to the nuts and bolts of a major fundraising initiative they have dedicated their efforts to achieving this year. Light Up Vanuatu is an innovative campaign that aims to eliminate energy poverty for school children in Vanuatu. In partnership with Solar Buddy, their goal is to supply over 47,000 Vanuatuan children with solar lights, as they currently live without light after dark leaving them unable to read or study.

Fahan School is incredibly proud to support this important project this year, one that brings many valuable lessons about poverty, energy, education and the environment.

Our Junior School girls have raised over $2600 with different fundraising efforts, including a Dinner After Dark experience, sausage sizzles and free-dress days. With 75 solar lights purchased, the girls got to work assembling them in class and they will soon be ready for shipment, each accompanied with a personal note from our girls to the children receiving them.

It’s been an incredibly rewarding experience for all. Congratulations to everyone involved!

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