Year 5 Camp to Kelvedon on Tasmania's East Coast

11 April 2022

Year 5 spent three magical days at Kelvedon last week. The students, together with Mrs Wright, Mrs Dalton, Jayde Steer, Hannah Steele and canoeing legend, Abigail, had the most fabulous time. For many students it was their first experience at camping in a tent and not having access to electricity. Whilst this did create a few nervous moments, the girls worked together to enable every person to face up to new experiences and make the most of every opportunity. The students enjoyed canoeing, mountain bike riding, team building challenges, bush walking, fabulous food and the most amazing weather. Thank you to all the staff for making it possible, and to the students for making our 2022 Kelvedon camp such a wonderful experience.

I enjoyed sleeping in a tent for the first time. It was super fun and the tents were really nice. I learnt how to make salad wraps and learnt to use the long drop toilets. I worked well with others and saw my friends in a new light. This made our friendships stronger. I played Red Faces which was super fun and our team won! In our spare time we played Colour Monsters, Chinese Whispers and Gang Ups in the dark.  Milla Gorringe

I loved canoeing, we had a water fight and played with a ball. Niamh, Amelie and I all went swimming to the island. I liked the mountain bike riding, the scavenger hunt, trust games and Red Faces.  Poppy Davies

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