Year 9 Curriculum Camp to East Coast

01 April 2022

On Monday 28 March, both Year 9 classes headed off to Kelvedon and Maria Island for the annual curriculum camp. Each class had two and a half days in each location. This camp is designed as a classroom in the outdoors, where the students participate in authentic learning experiences in a natural environment. Activities included presentations of places with historical significance around the Swansea area; an English creative writing task based on historical facts of the area; 3D Art sculptures using natural materials, inspired by artist Andy Goldsworthy; an ecology Science activity snorkelling and rockpool rambling; and a Mathematics activity using a scale to draw something in the landscape at Darlington on Maria Island.

I loved the Painted Cliffs on Maria Island, being able to freely tour Swansea, and sitting aroudn the bonfire at Kelvedon. - Imogen Mulder

I loved the snorkelling on Maria Island because I love the ocean. I also really enjoyed talking to peers I don't normally spend a lot of time with. - Eadie Davidson

I loved the snorkelling on Maria Island because it was my first time. I loved everything about the camp. -  Jemima Baker

I loved that we had two mini camps that were very different: Kelvedon and Maria Island. - Talia Lynch

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