Year 6 Camp

16 February 2023

Year 6 students recently participated in a fun-filled camp that included a variety of activities, such as archery, zipline, red faces, commando course, crate stacking, rock wall climbing, swimming and kayaking. The camp took place at Spring Beach Youth Camp in Orford and provided an opportunity for the students to bond, try new things and create lasting memories. 

The atmosphere at the camp was one of excitement and anticipation. The students were eager to try new activities cheering each other on and celebrated their achievements. The Outdoor Education leaders Abigail and Millie created a positive and encouraging environment that helped the students feel comfortable and supported. 

Attending camp provides an opportunity for the students to challenge themselves physically and mentally and to develop their teamwork and communications skills. The positive and encouraging atmosphere, along with great staff, made the camp a truly unforgettable experience. 

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