Year 8 Outdoor Education Camp at Weasel Plains

12 May 2024

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Last week, Year 8 students embarked on an unforgettable Outdoor Education Camp at Weasel Plains in Bothwell. They immersed themselves in various challenge-by-choice activities, refining their outdoor and personal skills. From harvesting potatoes to canoeing and orienteering, each day brought new adventures and opportunities for growth.
The highlight was a 4-day hike through the rolling plains and natural beauty of Weasel Plains. Trekking on foot, students navigated to new campsites daily, enjoying scenic views of the River Clyde and its surrounding landscape.
The camp also emphasized leadership, teamwork, and communication. Students bonded with classmates, embraced the outdoors, and created lifelong memories.
Overall, the Year 8 Outdoor Education Camp was a great success, offering students a perfect blend of adventure, learning, and friendship. Special thanks to all teachers involved for ensuring every student had a memorable experience

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