The Arts

Fahan girls are engaged in all elements of the Arts from an early age. Through our extensive Visual Arts, Music and Drama programs, there are endless opportunities for your daughter to explore her creative abilities.


At Fahan School, a love of the Arts is fostered from an early age. Creativity and imagination are nurtured and encouraged by passionate teaching staff across all areas of the curriculum.   

The Arts Program at Fahan aims to challenge, excite and inspire girls to build their confidence and further develop their abilities in the Visual Arts, Music and Drama.

Visual Arts

At Fahan your daughter is given the opportunity to explore her artistic ability and express herself through the visual arts by pushing the boundaries of creativity.

At Fahan we understand that the creation of images is an essential human characteristic and from a very early age each of us is inclined to draw. Not only do we teach our students Art from Pre-Kinder through to Year 12 but we also offer extra-curricular Art classes for those talented individuals who want to explore the visual realm.


Fahan offers a rich and dynamic music program that encourages your daughter to express herself and gain a deep understanding of cultural life.

Fahan has a state-of-the-art Music School that is complemented by a comprehensive Music curriculum as well as an exciting range of extra-curricular opportunities. At Fahan we aim to involve, develop and maintain your daughter’s interest in, and love of, music through the classroom curriculum, individual lessons, School concerts, House Music, excursions, guest artists and Fahan alumni performers.


Through our extensive Drama and Performing Arts Program, your daughter will be given the opportunity to enhance her creativity.

At Fahan School your daughter will experience the many opportunities and possibilities of Drama and the Performing Arts through a broad range of curricular and extra-curricular performance activities.

Fahan has a proud reputation for excellence in the performing arts. One of the founding principals, Miss Audrey Morphett, created an outstanding performing arts program that continues today, offering your daughter the chance to join the likes of Fahan alumna, Robyn Nevin and Zehra Naqvi.


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