Amanda Evans

Head of Junior School

Junior School, Leadership

Amanda is the Head of Junior School; a position which involves communicating with staff, developing student programs, working collaboratively with students and parents as well as teaching.

After graduating with a Bachelor of Education from the University of Tasmania, Amanda worked in the United Kingdom where she was involved in a number of government school initiatives. She has held several positions in independent schools in both Tasmania and Victoria and has completed Post Graduate qualifications in management at Deakin University in Victoria, in conjunction with the East China University of Politics and Law in Shanghai. She has previously held both Coordinator and Senior Teaching positions. Amanda is particularly interested in and committed to the education of girls.

Amanda is a member of the Tasmanian Independent Primary School Heads Association and is a member of Reggio Emilia International Exchange of Australia.

“I passionately believe exciting learning happens when children have a sense of ownership about their learning experiences. I believe every child’s contributions are valuable. Children need to be challenged and individual learning styles and needs must be respected and at Fahan we aim to ensure that they are. To be authentic about these passions requires a dedicated, talented team of teaching and support staff. At Fahan we have this. Our collaborative approach to working with families makes sure we are able to explore the unlimited potential of every child.

Quality education starts with a solid foundation in the in the early and primary years. I love Fahan because we are a small school. We are committed to the Reggio Emilia philosophy in the early years and Teaching for Understanding in the junior years. These two approaches to education inspire young learners to grow and to succeed.”