Joe Grech

Fahan Bus Driver and Facilities Officer


I am proud to be a resident of Western Australia, and at the young age of sixteen, I joined the Australian Navy in 1977-83 as a specialist in Underwater Weapons and Ship Demolition Teams. After serving for six years, I re-enlisted in the Australian Defence Forces in 1990. Following my retirement, I had the pleasure of meeting my current partner, Nadine, here in Hobart. Upon returning to Perth, Western Australia in 1992, I began working with the University of Western Australian Security Team. Subsequently, when I came back to Hobart, I joined the Reserve Bank of Australia Security Team until the closure of the bank in 1997.

For over thirty years, I have been an active member of the East Perth Football Club in the WAFL and the West Coast Eagles in the AFL. Additionally, I have been a member of the San Francisco 49ers Football Club in the NFL for several years now.

In 2002, I graduated from the University of Tasmania with a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Political Science and History. These subjects have always fascinated me.

In the previous year, 2022, I took the initiative to run for the Hobart City Council, and I thoroughly enjoyed engaging with people and discussing matters of current state importance.

I look forward to working at Fahan in the years to come.