Robert Owens

Health and Physical Education Coordinator and Health and Humanities Teacher

Senior School

Robert has completed a Bachelor of Physical Education and a Bachelor of Education. After graduating from the University of Tasmania with his second degree he commenced teaching at Fahan School in the early 1990s.

“I see my key focus as an educator as assisting students to understand that teachers and parents can only do so much. Ultimately, the child themselves has to want to do something and then commit to a process that enables them to make the progress they want. Perhaps this quote sums it up.”

“In life we usually get the outcomes we deserve, not necessarily the outcomes we want.” John Wooden

“Education today may be more about the skills and mindset that we equip young people with as opposed to just being concerned with content and grades. Students need to cope with success, persist when they ‘fail’, find a different way to confront a problem and understand that others will not always agree with them. Teachers and parents, also, need to cope with the same!”