Student Leadership

At Fahan we believe that every girl should experience leadership roles, whether in a formal capacity, such as Head Girl or in less formally recognised ways, such as acting as a mentor to a younger student or captaining a sport team.

Student leadership is vital to supporting the School’s mission, with formal leadership positions starting in the Junior School and continuing through to Year 12, teaching Fahan girls responsibility, respect and confidence. Students have opportunities to lead in all aspects of learning at Fahan School, from elected positions to subtle, everyday roles during class time.

In Years 3-6, a class elects a class official twice each term. This ensures that each student has a chance to take on a responsibility in the classroom for part of the year.

Fahan has three Houses – Fenton, Freycinet and Franklin – that each student belongs to. Beginning in Year 6, a House Captain and Deputy are chosen each term. The girls selected will play a vital role in the organisation of their house, as well as being expected to speak on behalf of them when accepting a trophy or award.

As a student grows, so does the responsibility they are given. All students in Years 11 and 12 belong to a Student Leadership Committee. These committees attend fortnightly meetings to oversee the smooth operation of all aspects of school life and are run by a Student Chair, who is elected by a democratic process at the end of Year 11, under the direction of a member of staff. As well as Head and Deputy Head Girl, there are chairs elected by students and staff for Arts, Debating, Magazine, Junior School, Community, the three School Houses and Sports.

The election process for these positions involves a written application, an interview, a student vote and feedback. The interview panel consists of the Principal, Deputy Principal, and the staff member overseeing the Student Leadership Committee area. This process, where students have the opportunity to evaluate their own strengths and leadership abilities, prepares them for future employment.

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