The Fahan School Alumni Association Executive Committee is made up of enthusiastic and passionate past students from a range of different years who enable Fahan Alumni to engage with Fahan School and each other

The Fahan School Alumni Association facilitate communication between other members of the Alumni through social, cultural and sporting events, both in Tasmania and on the mainland.


Fiona Pringle-Jones (née Pill, Class of 1986)

Lisa Brown (née Morgan, Class of 1987)

Vice President

Sally Boyes (née Holmes, Class of 2005)


Rachel Allanby (née Kingston, Class of 1987)


Louise Rumley (Class of 1986)


Sarah Hopkins (Class of 1997)

Louise McMullen (née Pretyman, Class of 1990)

Elizabeth Hallam (Class of 1997)

Pip Cooper (née Rumney, Class of 1987)

Gill Whitehouse (née Misson, Class of 1965)

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