Back To School in 2011 - Important Information

10 January 2011

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parents, staff, students

If you are returning to Fahan School for 2011, or you are starting at Fahan for the first time, you can find all the information that you need to ensure you are ready to start on Tuesday 8 February, 2011 right here.

For students in Years 3 - 12 at Fahan there are specialised textbooks, stationery items and other requirements that are necessary for their work during the year. These essential back to school items can be found at the Birchalls Back To School sale, which is being held at the Royal Hobart Showgrounds, Grandstand Hall from Monday 10 January until Saturday 12 February. 

The booklists and information sheets that you need to ensure you are ready for the 2011 school year can be found by clicking here or by visiting

We look forward to seeing you on February 8 for another fantastic year of achievement at Fahan.

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