Cary Lewincamp Performs at Music Assembly

23 March 2011

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At Fahan’s Music Assembly on Friday 18 March, one of Tasmania’s best known guitarists, Cary Lewincamp, performed a song from his latest CD as well as a cover of James Taylors’ “Shower the People,” with Fahan’s John Williamson.

An established performer, Cary taught himself to play guitar at the age of 17 and he has never looked back.

Cary’s music has been widely used for a variety of mediums and was famously the backing soundtrack for the acclaimed ABC documentary series, Australian Story.

Many new parents may also recognise his work, as the Hobart Private Hospital currently gives new parents a CD of Cary’s after the birth of a child.

Cary’s ties with Fahan School are not limited to his long friendship with Humanities Coordinator, John Williamson, either.

Cary is married to Sona (Jo) Pennicott who is a Fahan Alumna and mother of his children. Cary has also been at the School to perform for students before, something that he finds very rewarding.

“My philosophy is that music should be an integral part of everyone’s life and as a father I want to impart that to my children and to spread the love of music throughout the world, to all of our children,” Cary said.

The purpose of the weekly Music Assembly, which is conducted either by a member of staff or one of Fahan’s Year 12 student leaders, is for the person running the assembly to play or perform a song that has been, and remains, important to them. This is a way for the rest of the student body to get to know the staff and the student leaders in a much more personal manner and it is one of the means by which Fahan facilitates a sense of community.

John said he asked Cary to perform with him during his turn to host the Music Assembly because they used to play in a band together called Winterbrook and it is one of John’s fondest memories.

“I feel very happy when I am playing music,” John said.

“I chose to perform ‘Shower the People’ by James Taylor with Cary because it is about looking after your friends, something from which we can all learn.”

Following the outstanding duet, Cary performed “Just Like the First Time” from his latest CD, Home.

Cary said that it was wonderful to be back at Fahan again, playing for a new generation of Fahan girls.


1. Cary and John show some Year 3 students how to hold a guitar.
2. Friends and former bandmates, John Williamson and Cary Lewincamp.
3. John and Cary performing "Shower the People."
4. Cary's incredible guitar skills on display as he plays his own piece, "Just Like the First Time."

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