Minister Launches Obesity Policy Coalition Paper at Fahan

13 May 2011

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On Tuesday 10 May, Nick McKim, in his capacity as Minister for Consumer Protection, launched the Obesity Policy Coalition’s (OPC) latest paper at Fahan School. This paper targets the advertising of junk food products to children.

Mr McKim talked to students in Kindergarten to Year 2 who were present for the launch in the Octagon Kitchen Garden, praising their wonderful vegetables and healthy attitudes.

Representatives from the Tasmania Chronic Disease Prevention Alliance, including Cancer Council Tasmania, Diabetes Australia and the Heart Foundation, were also in attendance as well as the President of the Public Health Association, Ingrid Van der Mei.

Jane Martin, Senior Policy Officer with the OPC, spoke about the initiative, which sets out a plan for the federal and state/territory governments to enact legislation to restrict all forms of advertising and promotion of unhealthy food and beverages to children.

The proposal outlines how such legislation should restrict different forms of unhealthy food advertising to children including on free-to-air TV, pay TV, the internet, in direct marketing, magazines, movies, schools, children’s sports and public places and transport.

Fahan supports the promotion of healthy eating to children and takes proactive steps to counteract the issue of childhood obesity.

In the Early Learning years, Kindergarten to Year 2, Fahan students learn about the importance of healthy eating by growing and harvesting their own vegetables in the Octagon Kitchen Garden.

The School Tuckshop restricts the type of food that is for sale, particularly food that fails to meet the Food Standards Australia New Zealand’s nutrition criteria.

The School also promotes participation in healthy activities through the Health and Physical Education program at the School and also the extensive extracurricular sport offerings that are available to Fahan students.

To read more on the Obesity Policy Coalition’s paper, targeting junk food advertising, please click here.

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