Safe Delivery is Driving Him

18 January 2012

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Bus staff


Twelve years ago, Evalds Kuplis retired from his position working within Human Resources and, after a few years of tinkering in his workshop, was up for a new challenge.

“An old colleague of mine was driving school buses for Collegiate, Hutchins and Fahan,” said Mr Kuplis.

“He told me there was a job going at Fahan School and that I should apply. I went down and saw the Business Manager, who explained if I could get my public passenger licence I could start when school went back in February.”

That was ten years ago. Next month, when school resumes for 2012, Evalds Kuplis will put on his uniform and embark on his eleventh year of driving for Fahan School. He is one of three bus drivers who deliver students from Fahan School as far afield as Seven Mile Beach, Blackmans Bay and Brighton.

“This is a unique service that we provide to our students that offers a door-to-door service from Kindergarten right through to Year 12,” said Mr Kuplis.

“Older girls are often the ones walking to and from school or waiting at public bus stops.”

“They are just as vulnerable as the younger children. We deliver all our students home safely. That’s our job,” said Mr Kuplis.

Fahan School parent, Angela Curnow, couldn’t agree more. Angela’s daughter, Emily, travels regularly on Mr Kuplis’ bus.

“Mr Kuplis is fantastic. I couldn’t ask for a better bus driver for my daughter. He often goes out of his way to accommodate our needs,” said Angela.

“As a parent it’s reassuring to know Emily travels safely to and from school everyday. She leaves and arrives home from our doorstep and I don’t have to drop or pick her up from a bus stop,” said Angela.

When asked what he enjoys most about his job, Mr Kuplis said it’s satisfying to know his role is helping families.

“Every day is different. I could be dropping students off at the Aquatic Centre for swimming lessons or the Domain for athletics training. Then there are the last minute changes. Parents could be running late or held up at work and they know they can text or call any time and we will cater for these last minute changes,” said Mr Kuplis.

“It’s satisfying knowing I’m doing my part to keep Fahan students safe and helping make life easier for busy families.”

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