Year 8 Girls Perform A Midsummer Night’s Dream

07 June 2016

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On Thursday 2 and Friday 3 June, the Year 8 girls performed a wonderful rendition of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, William Shakespeare’s most popular comedy, in the historic Peacock Theatre in Salamanca.

The students were given the opportunity to study the play in English and also rehearse it in Drama. They performed a shortened version, a play in One Act, adapted by Lindsay Price and modified into modern day while still maintaining the Shakespearean language.

The performances were enjoyed with great acclaim by each of the audiences and the feedback from the Year 8 students was also very positive:

“I enjoyed the experience and performing in front of an audience. I really enjoyed the fact that the audience got involved and laughed which made it more relaxing.” - Sophie Botterill-James

“I really enjoyed the audience participation and thank you to Mrs Butterworth and all of the teachers for making the play the best it could be!”- Phoebe Shield

“I cherished each moment on stage. It was such a wonderful experience to undertake. I loved it so much and really felt that I expanded my vocabulary in Shakespearean languages.”- Elsie Lamb

“I would love to do it again. It built up my confidence on stage. I also enjoyed being on stage with my fellow class mates.”- Bronte McShane

Fahan Drama Teacher, Mrs Deborah Butterworth, said, “Wow what an amazing experience and journey for the Year 8 girls and myself. I had to pinch myself during both evening performances and remind myself that these students are only in Year 8. So much talent amongst the students and a lovely bonding experience. The Year 8 girls really came together and worked as a team. They should all be proud of their performances.”

Congratulations to all the students and staff involved in making these performances a great success.

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