Fahan Junior School Students Celebrate Book Week

26 August 2016

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On Friday 26 August, the Junior School celebrated the 70th anniversary of Children’s Book Council of Australia’s Book Week.

Girls from Pre-Kinder through to Year 6 dressed up as their favourite book or fairy-tale character.

Well-known characters were well represented including Alice and others from Alice in Wonderland, Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood and Dorothy and her friends from the The Wizard of Oz. More modern characters including Alice-Miranda, Clementine-Rose, Billie B Brown and EJ12 were also a feature.

All students enjoyed a delicious slice of the incredible cake created by Fahan School parent, Kelly Logan, based on the picture book, The Cow Tripped Over the Moon.

Fahan School Junior Librarian and Teacher, Megan Denham, said “It is always a highly-anticipated event on our calendar. It was wonderful to see all of the students so excited about their Book Week character. Their effort and preparation shows the love they have for reading.”

The following are some thoughts from Year 6 girls:

“I came as Dog from Footrot Flats.  Dog is one of my favourite characters because he is humorous,” said Isla Wilson.

“We dressed up as Drizella and Anastasia, the ugly step-sisters. We loved being the characters - but only for a day,” said Charli Laubsch and Mia Peatling

“I dressed up as Irina, the Wolf Queen. She is courageous,” said Nadia Dawson-Damer

“I dressed up as the Fairy God-mother from Cinderella. I liked this character because she is very loyal and generous, ” Iman Youssef

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