Year 6 Perform Super Stories! Super Girls!

08 June 2017

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On Tuesday 6 June and Wednesday 7 June, Year 6 girls staged three dynamic performances of Super Stories! Super Girls!

Over the three shows, the audience enjoyed the clever linking of two plays by Geoff Bamber, Hornet Girl and The Musketeer, with the use of a virtual world framework inside the Fahan tree.

The matinee performances were attended by visiting schools, including The Hutchins School and Waimea Heights Primary School, who particularly enjoyed the dance finale and the comical themes.

Fahan Principal, Tony Freeman, said, “This was another impressive performance staged by our Year 6 girls. The commitment and enthusiasm they showed and the energy they put into their roles is to be commended.”

Drama Teacher, Ms Christine Best, worked tirelessly with the Year 6 teachers and students to ensure a quality production and commented, “Year 6 have worked with great joy and commitment to create the event Super Stories! Super Girls! This process has developed the student’s performance skills, particularly in character expression and movement and they have also developed a greater understanding of stage movement and voice projection. They have shown excellent team work and leadership skills as they have supported each other through a project that often took them outside their comfort zone and into new areas of learning.”

A great many members of staff, students and parents contributed to the success of the production.  A selection of Year 9 and 10 girls assisted backstage, whilst others formed the production crew with Technical Director, Mr Jack Pereira.  Fahan Senior Art Teacher, Ms Alex Pitt, worked on the set design and Mr Rod Nevin and Mr Andrew Kannegiesser constructed the set.

The following are some thoughts from Year 6 girls:

“I liked the entire play because it was very entertaining. The dance was really fun to learn and it felt awesome when we got onstage and performed it. Overall, it was an epic performance and a great memory of Year 6!,” said Molly Bradfield, who played the Cardinal Richelieu.

“I enjoyed learning my lines and the dance and overcoming my fear of being on stage.  Thank you Mrs Best for such a great production, “said Airlie Pyke, who played Bathos.

“I enjoyed the performance a lot. I enjoyed practising and learning all my lines. I found that producing a play is hard work, but there is a spectacular outcome. I liked performing this brilliant play. And most of all I built up my confidence,” said Millie Lindell who played Hornet Girl and the Traveler

“I played the funny and very forgetful Professor Swift and I really enjoyed performing. I think I learnt a lot about acting and how much work really has to be put in to make the show absolutely perfect for performance night. I also liked watching the audience reactions. This was definitely one of the best parts of the year so far!,”said Lucy Adams.

“I enjoyed doing the whole performance with all my friends. I think everyone showed all the qualities in the play: perseverance, teamwork, curiosity and bravery,” said Elina Otto who played the Barron

“Throughout the process forSuper Stories! Super Girls!,I learnt a lot of new skills. I played the role of a British policeman which has meant I have had to learn to speak using an accent.  I also had to learn to synchronise my actions and dialogue with my partner,” said Anabelle Zeeman.

“I realised that I had quite a passion for acting and performing. I also learned a lot about being a team member and always work together to create something big. We all worked together to make a great play,” said Roxanne Padas who played the Girl

“I really enjoyed acting and I was very happy with my role. My favourite scene was the court scene because there were lots of people on stage and we had to rehearse it many times to make it perfect! I loved performing and I hope the audience enjoyed the play,” said Grace Finkelde who played Captain of the Cardinal’s Guard

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