Year 11/12 Outdoor Leadership class at Frenchmans Cap

07 June 2019

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On 15-18 May, the Year 11/12 Outdoor Leadership class completed its first multi-day expedition for the year, taking on the iconic Tasmanian walk into Frenchmans Cap. Parks and Wildlife Service Tasmania describes this walk as, “considerably more arduous than many other Tasmanian walks”, with an elevation gain of over 1000m and covering a total distance of 46km. The track is in the Franklin-Gordon Wild Rivers National Park, a part of the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area.

The girls did an amazing job over the four days, having an opportunity to put their theory into practice by leading sections of the walk. They also learnt a lot about themselves, both mentally and physically.

Alice Cottier commented that the trip taught her she can push herself a lot harder than she thought and feels stronger and more driven by the experience. Gemma Wright said that it was a challenging experience but she learnt a lot about teamwork and appreciated the amazing views and scenery. Chloe Harris was challenged mentally and physically but enjoyed accomplishing the goals she set for herself and described the scenery as spectacular. She loved the camaraderie at the end of each long day.

Briannon Lund enjoyed the views each day and enjoyed the experience as she felt it improved her motivation and ability to challenge herself harder than she thought. Lucy Taranto said it was the hardest thing she has ever done but one of the most rewarding experiences of her life. She loved the beautiful views and how the experience brought the class closer together as a group. Claire Hodgman said the trip was both challenging and rewarding and loved being able to see that area of Tasmania. She really enjoyed being rewarded for the hard work by some amazing sites each day.

With their mid-year examination coming up, the class ventured out in early June for a skills session with a local commercial operator to put their theoretical knowledge into practice and learn about how to be a great leader and guide. They met Reggie from Roaring 40s Sea Kayaking who spoke to them about all aspects of leading a group of clients, from risk assessment and management to building relationships with clients, gear care and maintenance. The girls battled gusty winds and freezing cold temperatures on the water which afforded them the experience of group management in less than favourable conditions.

In Term Three, the girls begin their Individual Outdoor Leadership Projects where they are required to plan and lead their own expeditions. We are looking forward to the journeys they choose!

The girls' next multi-day expedition will be in September when they will be guiding rafts down the Picton and Huon Rivers over four days.  

Outdoor Leadership is a pre-tertiary course that is designed to develop an awareness and knowledge of the technical skills, leadership qualities and practical procedures in managing outdoor group activities.

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