30 August 2019

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Today, students in Years 4 – 6 participated in a workshop run by PROJECT ROCKIT that aimed to develop an understanding around what is and isn’t bullying. Through experiential learning techniques, including energetic group challenges, role plays, experiments and interactive discussions, our girls were empowered to lead positive change in their interactions at school, online and beyond.

With a focus on intention, the girls were given practical skills to use in various situations and were left with the key message: “Are you going to be part of the problem or part of the solution?”

Our Middle School students also participated in a short taster course from PROJECT ROCKIT that focussed on social media and using online power for good.

In line with their mission of “A world where kindness and respect thrive over bullying, hate and predjuce and all young people are free to realise their potential”, presenters from PROJECT ROCKIT used various examples and social experiments to explore themes of inclusion, respectful relationships, social leadership, diversity, values and ethics and empathy.

"I enjoyed the experiment activities because we really found out how people felt when they were excluded and how important it was to be part of the solution. They offered us so many options to help out in situations like walking over and using power in numbers.” Year 6 student, Matilda Cocker

“PROJECT ROCKIT is there to help people and really inspired us to reach out when we see something we don’t like.” Year 5 student, Charli Allan

"PROJECT ROCKIT taught me that if you are caught in a situation you can talk to someone you trust to get through it and stand up for people if you see them being targeted." Year 6 student, Hannah Sheen

"PROJECT ROCKIT was so much fun. It taught me what bullying is and that you can do lot of different things to get out of situations that don’t make you or your friends feel good." Year 4 student, Sophie Bradfield

“At the heart of every Fahan girl is a kind and caring member of our community who understands how important it is to be positive about their interactions with others. During Positive Education classes, we talk a lot about character strengths and connections with others. Opportunities like PROJECT ROCKIT allow us to dive a little deeper into strategies for empowering our girls to be proactive and ensure we can support each other and be the best version of ourselves,” said Head of Junior School, Amanda Evans.

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