eLearning at Fahan School

03 April 2020

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Fahan School’s venture into eLearning has begun in the most wonderful way. Our amazing staff and beautiful Fahan girls have wholeheartedly embraced and adapted to a new way of learning and the results have been outstanding.

It was a thrill to see it all come together so seamlessly and we thank our parents and carers for their support and words of encouragement. Through daily Zoom classes, our girls have remained connected and engaged with their learning.

The initial feedback from parents has been extremely positive with some very complimentary feedback and gratitude for the work done by Fahan School in making the transition to online and remote learning as smooth as possible.

The daily Zoom contacts were highlighted as invaluable and were consistently mentioned as something that the students enjoy. Many parents mentioned that working to the timetable has also been highly successful and gives their daughters much needed structure when learning away from the school environment.


Our eLearning program has shown our students that anything is possible!




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