Year 7 Workshop with Burn Bright

11 August 2022

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alumni, parents, staff, students

Year 7 students had a wonderful opportunity to spend the day with Burn Bright, a social enterprise, not-for-profit organisation, that encourages, challenges, and develops students through tailored experiential leadership and wellbeing programs.
The full-day program, 'Recipe for Success' provided students with a toolkit to help them build a sense of identity, support new friendships, and enhance self-efficacy to improve resilience.
Throughout the day, the students undertook a series of team building challenges and activities from being put out of their comfort zone in a dance off to learning strategies to bounce back from challenges. Other highlights included how to communicate effectively and responsibly – online and offline and celebrating diversity and encouraging appreciation of differences.
Thank you Burn Bright for such an inspiring workshop for Year 7!

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