Burn Bright

24 February 2023

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Our Year 7 and Year 10 students had a wonderful opportunity to spend a day with Burn Bright, a social enterprise, not-for-profit organisation, that encourages, challenges, and develops students through tailored experiential leadership and wellbeing programs.
The Year 7 program, 'Recipe for Success' provided students with a toolkit to help them build a sense of identity, support new friendships, and enhance self-efficacy to improve resilience.
Throughout the day, the Year 7s undertook a series of team building challenges and activities from being put out of their comfort zone in a dance off to learning strategies to bounce back from challenges. Other highlights included how to communicate effectively and responsibly – online and offline and celebrating diversity and encouraging appreciation of differences.
Year 10’s program, ‘Altitude’ was designed to build upon the skills and talents the students develop throughout the Lumina 9 program. The course encourages students to explore their daily practices, continue self-reflection, and discuss ways they can be the best version of themselves.
During their session, Year 10 learned about the importance of surrounding themselves with the right people, exploring values; undertaking GRIT activities (learning tactics on how to bounce back from obstacles, detours and challenges that arise in life) and the art of being dynamic.
Thank you Burn Bright for such an inspiring workshop for our Year 7s and Year 10s!

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