2024 Gerdy Jevtic Medal Award

27 June 2024

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Today, the prestigious Gerdy Jevtic Medal for 2024 was presented to Fahan Alumna, Flight Lieutenant Emily Renshaw, Class of 2013. Emily is a Pilot and Qualified Flying Instructor in the Royal Australian Air Force, recently celebrating 10 years of service and is currently serving overseas in New Zealand on exchange with the New Zealand Defence Force.
Emily addressed Fahan senior students in Years 7-12, in addition to a number of former students, parents and teachers. Emily spoke about how she drew inspiration from her mother and former teachers, emphasising traits such as kindness, resilience, work ethic, and boldness, while stressing the importance of living boldly, following one's dreams, and maintaining kindness and compassion. She encouraged our students to be brave, embrace learning from both successes and failures, and to fight for their beliefs while supporting their peers. Emily also talked about the importance of stepping out of your comfort zone to embrace opportunities and pursue dreams.
Later in the program, the Pride of Fahan Alumni Award was presented by Fahan School Alumni Association Co-President, Fiona Pringle Jones, to Year 11 student, Nina McLean.

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