Fahan School Parents and Friends' Association

Fahan’s Parents and Friends’ Association has a long history of engaging and supporting families of Fahan School.

The P&F Committee is open to all members of the Fahan School Community and meetings are held once a month during term time.

The P&F Committee is formed by a nominated group of members who work together to plan and provide opportunities at Fahan by promoting and supporting the interests and wellbeing of our students and the School.

The P&F Committee strive to build opportunities that encourage social connections, inclusion and contribute to the well-being of the Fahan School Community. Each year, the Committee drive hosted events and fundraisers, and contribute to student activities that directly support our Fahan girls. 

To support the parent community in the Junior School, Parent Representatives of each class lead social and other informal gatherings for class parents and act as a liaison between parents and the P&C Committee.

In 2021, the P&F began the year organising and hosting the popular Sunset at the Barn event, an annual gathering for Fahan parents and children. This outdoor event is held at Fahan’s heritage-listed ‘Barn’, a well-recognised and important original feature of the School.

In celebration of important calendar dates including Easter, Mother’s Day and Fathers Day, the P&F held lucky draws where prize winners were treated to generous gifts including hampers and gift vouchers.

The very popular Mother’s Day and Fathers Day stalls were held and this year the P&F Association sourced a wide variety of quality Tasmanian produce and gifts for students to purchase for their family members.

The major fundraiser of the year was the hotly anticipated Hollywood-themed Gala Dinner, held at Royal Yacht Club of Tasmania. Nearly 200 parents attended the sold-out event and contributed to the $35,000 in funds raised on the night.

In 2021, the P&F Association granted funding for the following items:

  • Technology - Makerbot Replicator+ 3D Printer
  • Outdoor Education - Climbing Gear
  • Junior School - Flexible Seating Cushions
  • Music - Junior Sized Double Basses
  • Science - Fish Tank and Filtration System
  • Junior School - Book Club Items, Games & Puzzles
  • Spectator Seating on the Oval

All new and current families are welcome to join the monthly meetings and found out more about becoming involved in this vibrant School Community.

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