Closure of the Fahan School Boarding House

08 September 2021

Dear Parents and Carers,

Since its inception, Fahan School has been privileged in being able to offer an on-campus Boarding House to generations of students.

However, over the last decade, interest and uptake in boarding has waned across the entire country, and Tasmania has not been immune to this. Low levels of interest in boarding have also been exacerbated by the pandemic as local, interstate and international parents are understandably more reluctant to have their children educated far from the family home.

With a small number of students enrolled, the boarding experience is not as full and vibrant as it should be. After much consideration and investigation of all options, and given the low level of enrolments in the Boarding House and increased operational costs, the Board of Fahan School has made the very difficult decision to close the Boarding House at the conclusion of the 2021 academic year.

The School is committed to working with the families who have children currently boarding to ensure those students can continue their education at Fahan School.

Boarding has been a significant part of the Fahan School story. The Boarding House has been celebrated widely for its family-like atmosphere. For generations of past boarders, boarding will remain an unforgettable and intrinsic part of their Fahan experience. This has been due to the care, compassion, learning and comfort provided by the staff to so many students over the years. As the Fahan School Boarding House draws to a close, the Board would like to express its gratitude to every single person who has played a part in making boarding at Fahan a loving, caring and supportive family environment over the years. The buildings that have contributed to the wonderful boarding experience will remain essential parts of the campus.

We would like to acknowledge our current Head of Boarding, Ms Fiona Short, who has always ensured that the Boarding House was the students' family away from home. To Fiona, and to her wonderful team of Boarding House supervisors, we extend sincere thanks for their dynamic and caring contribution to boarding at Fahan.

There will be an opportunity for the School Community to farewell boarding at Fahan, and to celebrate the positive impact that boarding has had on the lives of so many Fahan girls. We look forward to sharing details of this event with you, and other initiatives to celebrate the history of boarding at the School.

Yours sincerely,

Lia Morris
Chair of the Fahan School Board

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